Black Mirror Release Date: Will series 4 drop next weekend?

The fourth series of Black Mirror is almost upon us. It’s so close, we can taste the acid in our mouths. But even though we’ve had our first glimpse at four of the six new episodes, there is still no word on the Black Mirror release date. Charlie Brooker loves a bit of mental torture.

It’s been said that series 4 will be released before Christmas, and this makes sense as series 3 was released in 2016. But series 3 was released in October 2016 so frankly, series 4 is already overdue. Pull your finger out Brooker.

Perhaps this is why the legendarily misanthropic writer and presenter has had to pull out of his annual 2017 Wipe. This is obviously a huge tragedy for Charlie Brooker fans everywhere.

The good news is that Black Mirror series 4 must be released very soon. After all, there isn’t much of 2017 left. How soon? Well a look at the Black Mirror Twitter account suggests it might be next weekend.

Black Mirror marketing

Back in August we got out first very brief glimpse at the six new episodes all in one short video. This really only teased the titles of the new episodes and little else. But since Friday 24th November, the Black Mirror Twitter has been dropping a poster and trailer for a new episode everyday.

First up was the Jodie Foster directed episode Arkangel with the poster then trailer ominously announcing ‘Mother will protect you’. Then came the poster and trailer for Crocodile (from director John Hillcoat) warning us that ‘memories can be subjective’. On the 28th and 29th November, the poster and trailer for possibly the darkest looking episode Black Museum was released. Then we had the poster and trailer for the (ex-Peaky Blinder) Joe Cole starring episode Hang the DJ.

That’s eight consecutive days of new posters and trailers. The only two episodes left without a poster or trailer are USS Callister and Metalhead. Even if the Black Mirror Twitter account takes a break from teasing us over the weekend, that could be all of the posters and trailers released by next Friday 8th December.

Netflix release dates

Netflix has got into the habit recently of releasing big new shows on Fridays. Both Stranger Things 2 and Mindhunter arrived just in time for people to binge them all over a single weekend. That makes it a good bet that we’ll be getting our new fix of Black Mirror on a Friday. It’s just a shame they didn’t get it ready for Black Friday as a welcome antidote to the shopping frenzy.

So get putting up the Christmas tree out of the way this weekend, as my bet is we’ll all be too depressed to worry about Christmas after watching the six new episodes of Black Mirror next weekend. Enjoy, and remember, technology isn’t your friend!

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