Blake Lively apologises for poking fun at Catherine, Princess of Wales

Blake Lively has apologised for poking fun at Catherine, Princess of Wales.

The actress published the apology to her Instagram Stories, referencing a previous post in which she had taunted Catherine's absence from public life, as well as her admission of inexpert photo-editing skills.

“I’m sure no one cares today but I feel like I have to acknowledge this. I made a silly post around the ‘photoshop fails’ frenzy, and oh man, that post has me mortified today,” Blake wrote. “I’m sorry.”

The post to which Blake referred showed a badly photo-edited image of herself with the caption, "I’m so excited to share this new photo I just took today to announce our 4 new @bettybuzz & @bettybooze products. Now you know why I’ve been MIA."

In the wake of Catherine's announcement that she has cancer, Blake deleted that post and issued her apology.

However, while the apology was made via Stories, which do not allow comments, Blake was unable to stop commenters on her older posts.

"What a horrible thing to do to Catherine, Princess of Wales," one commenter wrote beneath an unrelated photo of Blake modelling a tracksuit.

"@blakelively should give a proper apology," agreed another. "Very poor taste. Trying to be clever and now it’s back fired on her."