007 Days of Skyfall: World exclusive clip – meet the new Q

Movies Blog22 October 2012

James Bond's gadget master has been absent from the last two Daniel Craig flicks — John Cleese last wore the lab coat when he gave Pierce Brosnan an invisible car in 'Die Another Day'.

But Bond bosses have wisely brought back the character for 'Skyfall', with Ben Whishaw now playing a much younger version of the tech wiz.

But what kind of Q is he? Here's a world exclusive sneak peek, introduced for you by the man himself, that shows the first time 007 meets his new quartermaster. Watch it above.

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They're sitting at the National Gallery looking at Turner's The Fighting Temeraire. "It makes me feel a little melancholy, a grand old warship being ignominiously hauled away for scrap," says Q. Is he talking about the painting or Bond?

'Skyfall' is in UK cinemas from 26 October.

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