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If Best Picture posters were more honest

Though host Seth MacFarlane has already done his best to dust off the stuffy nature of the Oscars with his gag-laden performance at the 2013 Oscar nominations event, the Best Picture category will always be a little over-reverent.

So assisting in bringing the pomposity level down a few notches are the people behind US site College Humor.

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Herein their pithy views on each of the nominations, in the form of their re-jigged posters, littered equally with accuracy, a bit of wilful ignorance and lashings of cynicism.

Beast of the Southern Wild... could be on the money (Copyright: College Humour)

Les Miserables... yep, that sounds about right (Copyright: College Humor)

Amour... that's right, it's French (Copyright: College Humor)

Silver Linings Playbook... rom-coms never win (Copyright: College Humor)

Lincoln... Oi, leave off. He's one of ours (Copyright: College Humor)

Argo... Sorry, Bennifer, they're right (Copyright: College Humor)

Life of Pi... You try filming a tiger in a boat without CGI (Copyright: College Humor)

Django Unchained... watch out, Quentin's in no laughing mood (Copyright: College Humor)

Zero Dark Thirty... bears a passing resemblance to a shoot-em-up (Copyright: College Humor)