Crazy things Twilight fans have done

The success of 'Twilight', more than any other film series perhaps, is down to the insane dedication of its vast fansbase.

They don't just see the film on the opening day, or buy tie-in tat. Some go much, much further to show their love for the vampire series. From body alterations to wedding ceremonies, here's our pick of the nuttiest examples...

Carry on camping

'Twilight' fans are renowned for camping. This week, for example, saw over 2200 people pitch tents outside the Nokia Theatre and Staples Centre in Los Angeles for the World Premiere of the final movie, 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 2'. Some fans planned for years to make the event.

One happy camper in LA was Stacey Buckley from Bournemouth, who slept in the street for FOUR DAYS. Her sign read: '5,430 miles flown; 90 hours camped; all because we're Twi-Hard Brits.'

Ink you very much

Countless 'Twilight' fans have got themselves a permanent reminder of the series etched onto their skin, but 49-year old 'Twi-Hard' Cathy Ward went the extra mile.

Her Twi-tats cost more than £2,000 and covered her whole back. The supermarket worker saved up for months to pay for a painful 22 hours in the tattoo artist's chair.

She said that her friend introduced her to the films because she was "feeling low". 122 minutes later and she was hooked.

"Once I started I just couldn't stop myself," she said, "I had to go out and buy all the books and films."


Another fairly common 'Twilight' trend is fake fangs.

16-year-old fan Taylor Walker, though, wanted real ones and enlisted irresponsible Rockwall dentist Dr. Mary Courtin to grant her wish. Using a plastic-like substance, the dentist permanently moulded long, sharp, fang-like teeth to her canines.

Some dentists offer a fang veneer service for around £420 per tooth. They should last for around two years but doctors warn that "your jaw alignment would need to be checked" as "human jaw muscles need more freedom than a traditional fang arrangement". Even then, "veneer fracture would be ongoing".

Room with a pew

Hoards of teenagers have transformed their bedrooms into shrines to the 'Twilight' world. This ranges from sticking pictures and posters on the wall… to redesigning the entire room to match the movies.

Pics of the rooms have since gone viral and there is even a dedicated blog for 'Twilight' bedroom snaps.

Our favourite Twi-hard bedroom has to be 56-year-old Linda Moore's guest room.

Her husband refused to let her decorate their shared bedroom so Moore decided to treat their unsuspecting guests to her "Twilight fantasy".

She told People magazine that "one of my best friends says she wants to spend her birthday in there!

"Everyone who has seen my Twilight room either loves it or thinks I'm crazy."

Wedding re-vamps

Bella and Edward got hitched in the penultimate 'Twilight' film, and Twi-hards went nuts for the wedding dress.

Soon after the film was released, bridal shops started stocking replicas of the dress. American designer Alfred Angelo was initially granted exclusive rights to sell replicas of the dress across Signature stores in the U.S.A and in independent retailers across the world.

Unfortunately, said shops were soon inundated with girls pretending to be engaged so they could try the dress on.

One couple from the UK went even further. Abigail and Andy from Bournemouth tied the knot in a 'Breaking Dawn'-inspired wedding ceremony complete with replicas of Bella's dress and Edward's tuxedo. They also chose the same songs from the 'Twilight' movie for their first kiss and their exit down the aisle.

They also changed their last names to 'Cullen'. Unusually, it was actually Andy's idea to change their surname.

Speaking to Celebuzz, Abigail Cullen said: "I understand what some people think about it, but we don't take it too seriously. It is only a name and plenty of people change them. At least it's a decent surname."

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