'Bloodshot' trailer: Vin Diesel's got a new comic book franchise

Tom Butler
·Senior Editor

He’s already a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, lending his gruff voice to the Guardians of the Galaxy character Groot, but now Vin Diesel is launching his own superhero franchise with Sony Pictures’ Bloodshot.

Inspired the Valiant Comics series of the same name, Diesel plays Raymond Garrison, a special forces soldier who is transformed into the eponymous hero after his death in action.

Revived by the groundbreaking nanite technology (pioneered by the shady RST corporation) injected into his bloodstream, Bloodshot has superhuman strength and healing capabilities, making him a sort of cross between RoboCop and Wolverine.

And as the trailer reveals, Bloodshot’s resurrection comes at a price to the soldier who finds his memories are being tampered with by the very people to bring him back from the dead.

Vin Diesel in Bloodshot. (Sony Pictures)
Vin Diesel in Bloodshot. (Sony Pictures)

From a script by Eric Heisserer (Arrival) and Jeff Wadlow (Kick-Ass 2), Bloodshot is directed by first-time helmer and video game veteran Dave Wilson.

Launched in 1989 by a group of industry legends, Valiant Entertainment is home to the third-largest collection of connected comic book characters behind Marvel and DC.

In 2015 - spearheaded by Fast & Furious producer Neal Moritz - Valiant struck a five-picture deal with Sony Pictures to bring their characters to the big screen starting with Bloodshot. Harbinger, created by former Marvel editor-in-chief Jim Shooter and David Lapham, was due to be the next Valiant title in line to be adapted. However, that title is now in development at rival studio Paramount, casting doubts on Valiant’s plans to launch a shared cinematic universe in the vein of Marvel Studios.

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Valiant Entertainment and all its characters was acquired by DMG Entertainment, a Chinese media company, in 2018.

Vin Diesel in action as Bloodshot. (Sony Pictures)
Vin Diesel in action as Bloodshot. (Sony Pictures)

Synopsis: Based on the bestselling comic book, Vin Diesel stars as Ray Garrison, a soldier recently killed in action and brought back to life as the superhero Bloodshot by the RST corporation. With an army of nanotechnology in his veins, he’s an unstoppable force –stronger than ever and able to heal instantly. But in controlling his body, the company has sway over his mind and memories, too. Now, Ray doesn’t know what’s real and what’s not – but he’s on a mission to find out.

Bloodshot starring Vin Diesel, Guy Pierce, Eiza Gonzalez, and Sam Heughan is coming to cinemas across UK and Ireland in 2020.