'Bodyguard': Fans spot possible spoiler for the hit BBC drama

Laura Hannam

*WARNING: Major Bodyguard spoilers ahead*

Bodyguard, the biggest BBC drama of the decade, had many viewers in a state of shock when it appeared to have killed off its central character – Julia Montague (played by Keeley Hawes) – on Sunday night’s fourth episode.

But eagle-eyed fans have spotted a major clue that could mean she’s not dead after all. On IMDB (Internet Movie Database), Keeley Hawes is listed as appearing on the final episode, which is set to air on September 23.

While of course her return could simply be part of a flashback narrative, many fans are convinced Home Secretary Julia Montague is indeed alive and kicking, and will return in yet another Bodyguard twist.

However, as of Friday September 14, IMDB has updated Keeley Hawes to only appear in four out of the six Bodyguard episodes.

Does this prove she was killed? Or have BBC Producers taken note of fans predictions and as a decoy requested a quick IMDB edit?

This all comes after Stuart Bowman, who plays Montague’s head of security on Bodyguard, was given a thorough grilling on Wednesday’s Good Morning Britain by hosts Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid.

Morgan asked Bowman point blank: “Is Julia Montague dead or not?”

While he attempted to swerve Morgan’s interrogation he eventually answered to Reid:

“You don’t really want to know. People offer their theories and then just look at me,” he said.

Will Julia Montague return for the series finale? (BBC Pictures)

Bodyguard creator Jed Mercurio also said in this week’s Radio Times that while he killed off Hawes character because he liked to “move the story on,” he was also drawn to TV shows as a child where there were ‘can’t die’ characters:

“I remember watching TV as a kid and, whenever there was some sort of jeopardy involving the hero, I could reassure myself that they were what I’d call a “can’t-die” character, so everything would be OK,” Mercurio said.

Bodyguard returns Sunday at 9pm on BBC One.

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