Brent Spiner Returns For Independence Day 2

It looks as though ‘Independence Day’ alumni Brent Spiner will be returning for the upcoming sequel… but what will Dr. Okun unleash next?

He may be best known for starring as Lt. Comm. Data in ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’, but Brent Spiner is no stranger to other sci-fi franchises… and starred as Dr. Brackish Okun in the original ‘Independence Day’.

And it seems he’ll be back for the sequel…

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Appearing on Twitter, writer and director Roland Emmerich revealed that the former ‘Star Trek’ crewman will return for ‘Independence Day 2’.

“This just in… @JoeyKingActress and @BrentSpiner officially signed for #IndependenceDay - Welcome aboard!”

Of course, Spiner originally played Dr. Okun – an unkempt and highly erratic scientist in charge of research at the prestigious military facility, Area 51.

But while Dr. Okun was the big kahuna when it came to alien research, his autopsy of a captured alien didn’t quite go to plan… resulting in the escape of his subject which then goes on to psychically attack the President of the United States.

A job well done, then.

Although details of Spiner’s role remain unknown, it’s likely that Dr. Okun will return. After all, who else could run the prestigious Area 51 in quite the same way? And let’s face it – the man himself has often expressed interest in reviving the character…

“No,” he said in an appearance in Pasadena when asked if Okun was dead. “The first scene in the [then rumoured sequel] is a hammer hitting a board and we pan out and they’re re-building the White House. The second scene in the movie is Okun waking up from a coma.“

Of course, it’s not just Spiner returning… and this will be Joey King’s first appearance in the ‘Independence Day’ franchise. But who will she play? And will she have any ties to the good Doctor?

For now, we’ll have to wait and see.

‘Independence Day 2’ heads to cinemas on 24 June 2016.

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Picture Credit: 20th Century Fox