Bruce The Shark from ‘Jaws’ has been fully restored

Roy Scheider vs Bruce
Roy Scheider vs Bruce

The Academy Museum Of Motion Pictures has taken to Twitter to share images of its extensive restoration of Bruce The Shark from Jaws to commemorate the 44th anniversary of its release.

You can check out images of the work that has been done on the temperamental creation below.

Greg Nicotero, who formed the renowned special make-up effects studio KNB EFX Group with Robert Kurtzman and Howard Berger in 1988 and has since worked on over 400 films and shows, including The Walking Dead, Suicide Squad, Breaking Bad and Kill Bill, has overseen the restoration.

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The images show that Nicotero and his studio have been doing a very impressive job, too. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the only details that they need to complete on the transformation of the last remaining shark prop from Steven Spielberg’s 1975 production is his eyes and teeth.

Whether or not Spielberg will want to come face to face with the mechanical shark again remains to be seen. The stories of the malfunctioning creature are legendary. In fact, the shark broke down so often that the film went 104 days over production, as it took a total of 159 days to shoot.

Robert Shaw and Richard Dreyfus shooting Jaws
Robert Shaw and Richard Dreyfus shooting Jaws

In hindsight, though, this was the best thing to ever happen to Jaws, as Spielberg was forced to work around the shark’s absence. By teasing the shark’s presence, and showing snippets of his attacks, all of which he combined with John Williams’ iconic score, Spielberg created a masterpiece.

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Those of you that want to see Bruce The Shark up close and personal won’t be able to do so until after the 92nd Oscars, as it was recently announced that the Academy Museum Of Motion Pictures won’t open until 2020 at the earliest.