Politicians call for California's John Wayne Airport to be renamed due to actor's racist views

Danny Thompson
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    Whatever his political views or views on race, John Wayne was an icon of 20th century cinema, and of America. It's very wrong that the authorities are even considering renaming and airport named after him simply to appease the current fashionable trend of trying to rewrite and airbrush history.
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    So a few people in 2021 don’t like a long dead movie actor because of something he once said in a magazine before most people were born. I suspect his points of view on anything at all now needs to be erased from history because “the Offended” need to erase him rather than forget him or reason and debate in full context.Well, Forget the context it’s a person who was born in 1907. Forget that He had views on a range of matters from that era. Forget he was simply a popular movie actor. Forget history? Although those who forget history are doomed to repeat it. And I don’t think World War 3 is a good idea.
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    Gregory B
    Show me any person that "denies" at one time has said something to offend another, either on purpose or not, and I'll show you a person that is not very honest. Frankly, we've have as a society "jumped the shark". To erase history, erases the progress we have made. All individuals are flawed to a certain degree. Wayne is an icon in the American entertainment industry and around the World. The Duke was from a different time and era. I'm sure if he was still alive today he may have worded this thoughts slightly differently to adjust to our over the top PC crowd.
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    It's been no problem for 41 years & Orange county might offend people who aren't orange
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    Long time ago? Can't erase history removing everything.
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    In 1971 those words weren't racist. John Wayne would not have said them today. He was born 70 years after the emancipation proclamation was made law. The mindset was very different for that generation. What he said wasn't wrong.
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    Let's just stop naming streets, buildings and places after people for sooner or later they will find fault with everyone no matter who they are.
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    He died in 1979, not last week, half the organisations that claim to work for Pride etc were not even a twinkle in anyone's eye ....
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    Next be wanting to rename towns cities counties and then change America
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    I'm waiting for the book 1984 to be banned. It gives too much advance warning about what is happening. Unfortunately it doesnt seem to matter.