'Captain Marvel' merchandise range revealed

Captain Marvel (Photo: Marvel Studios).

From Yahoo Entertainment

Captain Marvel is getting ready for her close-up.

On the heels of the breathtaking new trailer, and with just over three months until the superhero film’s 8 March release, anticipation is building for the next instalment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Starring Brie Larson as Carol Danvers, the ace pilot infused with alien DNA to become the high-octane title character, Captain Marvel represents a key addition to the MCU, introducing a hero teased at the end of Avengers: Infinity War who will have a major role in the upcoming Avengers 4.

Over the past several days, we’ve seen leaks of some of the upcoming Captain Marvel toys and merchandise, with fans scouring blurry images on sketchy sites for clues to the film. Well, forget those low-res, unofficial photos: Yahoo has the official first look at the full gamut of Captain Marvel tie-in products, from action figures to watches, T-shirts to a Schwinn bicycle, which will begin rolling out in January. Scroll down for the goods, beginning with the toys, which offer some tantalising tidbits about the film’s plot.

Hasbro has two different Captain Marvel lines in the works: an 11.5-inch doll that comes with Danvers’s beloved cat, Goose (who is called “Chewie” in the comics in a nod to Star Wars, but whose name has been changed for the film); and a deluxe 6-inch “Marvel Legends” figure with changeable hands and heads.

(All prices are in US dollars)

Captain Marvel 11.5-inch doll will retail for $24.99. (Photo: Hasbro)
The Marvel Legends action figure, with swappable parts, will sell for $19.99. (Photo: Hasbro)

Captain Marvel has her own potent gauntlet, as evidenced by Hasbro’s Photo Power FX Glove, which will feature light and sound effects based on the film.

The Photo Power FX Glove will sell for $15.99. (Photo: Hasbro)

Meanwhile, the first Lego set based on Captain Marvel is “The Skrull Attack.” The package sets the scene thusly:

Fly with Captain Marvel and Nick Fury to rescue Goose the cat from Talos the Skrull! Zoom over the desert with Fury in his awesome Quinjet. Watch out for the Talos’s stud shooter. Fire 4 missiles at once with each of the jet’s flick-missile shooters and attack with Captain Marvel’s power energy. Then grab Goose, place her in the back of the jet and fly away!

(Photo: Lego)
The $29.99 set includes a Quinjet and minifigures of Captain Marvel, Nick Fury, Talos and Goose the cat. (Photo: Lego)

Funko, the purveyors of the popular Pop! vinyl figures, have an adorable collection pegged to Captain Marvel, including major characters like Carol Danvers (in both her Captain Marvel and alien “Vers” forms), the young, two-eyed Nick Fury, pilot pal Maria Rambeau and Talos the Skrull. The main line of Pop! figures will be available at most stores for £9.99 each, although some variants will be exclusive to certain retailers.

(Photo: Funko)
(Photo: Funko)
(Photo: Funko)
(Photo: Funko)
(Photo: Funko)

In addition to the toys, there will be all sorts of apparel, accessories, books, jewellery and even a bike. Where available, prices are shown.

Available in February for $13.99, Starforce on the Rise is a middle-grade novel about the pre-Captain Marvel’s days fighting in the Kree-Skrull war. (Photo: Disney)
Geared towards younger readers, What Makes a Hero focuses on the female supers of the MCU,  from Captain Marvel and Shuri to Gamora, Black Widow and Nebula. It will arrive March 5 for $12.99. (Photo: Disney)
Focusing on Carol Danvers and Maria Rambeau in their Air Force pilot days, overcoming the “boys club” mentality of the era, Higher, Further, Faster ($17.99) introduces the feisty heroine before she gains her superpowers. (Photo: Disney)
Powers of a Girl ($16.99) explores the female heroes of the Marvel Universe. (Photo: Disney)
Captain Marvel shirt and hat, $25.99 each (Photo: 5th Sun/Disney Store)
Captain Marvel T-shirts ($25.99) and hat ($29.99) (Photo: 5th Sun/Disney Store)
Captain Marvel hat, $34.99 (Photo: New Era)
Captain Marvel hat, $32 (Photo: New Era)
Captain Marvel hat, $29.99 (Photo: New Era)
Captain Marvel dress, $79.90 (Photo: HerUniverse)
Captain Marvel jacket, $49.99 (Photo: HerUniverse)
Captain Marvel logo shirt, $19.99 (Photo: AAFES)
Captain Marvel hat and bomber, $24 each (Photo: Disney Store)
Captain Marvel shirt and waist bag, $19.99 each (Photo: Target)
Captain Marvel T-shirt, $24.99 (Photo: Disney Store)
Captain Marvel bag ($64) and hat ($24) (Photo: Loungefly/New Era)
Captain America bomber jacket (Photo: Disney Store)
Stance socks, $20 (Photo: Stance)
Captain Marvel sunglasses, $85 (Photo Diff)
Captain Marvel bangle, $28 (Photo: Alex & Ani)
Captain Marvel Citizen watch, $300 (Photo: Citizen)
Captain Marvel Invicta watch, $299 (Photo: Invicta)
Captain Marvel Invicta gold watch (also available in rose gold), $279 (Photo: Invicta)
Captain America Schwinn bicycle, $349 (Photo: Schwinn)
Captain Marvel backpack (Photo: BioWorld)
Captain Marvel crossbody (Photo: BioWorld)
Captain Marvel purse (Photo: BioWorld)
Captain Marvel bag (Photo: BioWorld)
Captain Marvel purse (Photo: BioWorld)
Captain Marvel clutch (Photo: BioWorld)
Captain Marvel clutch (Photo: BioWorld)
Captain Marvel socks (Photo: BioWorld)
Captain Marvel pins (Photo: BioWorld)
Captain Marvel bracelet (Photo: BioWorld)
Captain Marvel ring (Photo: BioWorld)
Captain Marvel hat (Photo: BioWorld)
Captain Marvel hat (Photo: BioWorld)
Captain Marvel hat (Photo: BioWorld)
Captain Marvel hat (Photo: BioWorld)
Captain Marvel throw (Photo: NorthWest)
Captain Marvel bedding (Photo: Jay Franco)
Captain Marvel vintage print (Photo: Artissimo)
Captain Marvel print (Photo: Artissimo)
Captain Marvel kids jacket, $16.95 (Photo: Disney Store)
Captain America backpack, $24.99 (Photo: Disney Store)
Captain Marvel walkie-talkies (Photo: KidDesigns)
Captain Marvel water bottle (Photo: Zak Designs)
Captain Marvel headphones (Photo: KidDesigns)