'Captain Marvel' trailer: The best memes and reactions to Brie Larson's MCU debut

Hanna Flint
Captain Marvel goes viral
Captain Marvel goes viral

The big film news this week was the release of the first Captain Marvel teaser trailer and it caused quite a stir online.

The film introduces Brie Larson to the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the titular hero, real name Carol Danvers who, after an extended absence from Earth where she develops superhuman powers, crash lands back onto the planet and begins a fight to stop a deviant alien foe from taking over.

The first trailer has been wildly praised by fans and elicited some of the best reactions and memes to its content.

Here are some of the best Yahoo Movies UK has seen so far.

It’s rejuvenated people

And they loved seeing these guys back in action

The film sees Samuel L. Jackson’s Fury with both his eyes though it seems we’ll actually see how he ended up with one too.

The trailer really hit Marvel’s toxic fandom in their feelings

Others were loving the ’90s throwbacks

A lot of people loved Captain Marvel punching an old woman in the face, though some were perplexed

For those who aren’t familiar with the Marvel Comics, Skrulls were an alien race who had the ability to shape-shift and spent a lot of time infiltrating Earth’s highest ranks to sure power.

The Skrulls and the Kree – the alien race that Carol becomes a part of after a device it created inadvertently gives her powers – have long been enemies so it’s likely, she saw through this Skrull’s old lady disguise and dealt with the Deviant accordingly.

The Captain Marvel poster also had a special furry addition – Carol’s ‘cat’ Chewie

Chewie is the name of Carol’s pet cat who she discovers is actually a flerken, an alien species, after Rocket the Raccoon points it out to her.

The flerken is a rare breed that has tentacles, lay eggs and has the ability to travel between dimension because of pocket realities in its body that exist between time and space in other worlds, so these creatures are worth a lot on the black market.

Chewie was the last of her species until she laid 117 eggs so there are now a recorded 118 of them in the universe. Hopefully, we’ll more than just her butt in the movie.

Captain Marvel will be in cinemas on 8 March, 2019

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