007 writer Charlie Higson 'absolutely hated' No Time to Die for showing James Bond as 'boring'

Author Charlie Higson signs his new Young Bond book during Spy Day at the Science Museum in London, being held to celebrate the opening of The Science of Spying exhibition.   (Photo by Ben Stanstall - PA Images/PA Images via Getty Images)
Author Charlie Higson signs his new Young Bond book. (Getty Images)

Charlie Higson has criticised No Time to Die for its depiction of James Bond.

The Fast Show comedian, who wrote five books in the YA Young Bond prequel series, criticised the script of the 2021 Bond film for giving the character a partner and a child.

Speaking at the Chalke Valley History Festival, Higson is reported to have said: "Bond is a fantasy, he's got no wife, no kids, you rarely see him at home, he lives in hotels, eats in restaurants, sleeps with as many women as he wants and gets to kill people."

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He added: "It's the best job in the world. You never see him mowing his lawn, washing his car or asking his bank manager for a loan. He's one guy on a mission."

James Bond (Daniel Craig) in No Time To Die an EON Productions and Metro Goldwyn Mayer Studios film
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James Bond in No Time To Die (MGM)

Higson, whose own books explored Bond's teenage years at Eton, also discussed his issues with No Time to Die: "You don't have to worry about a back story or any boring discussions with his girlfriend. Which is why I absolutely hate No Time To Die.

"They put in all the boring stuff you don't want. The start of the film is great – he's in a really flash car, having a car chase around Matera.

"But he's got his girlfriend with him and they're having a row. What kind of fantasy is that? Find the ejector seat button, get rid of her and have an adventure."

No Time To Die hits UK cinemas on 30 September (MGM/Universal Pictures/EON)
No Time To Die hit UK cinemas on 30 September, 2021. (MGM/Universal Pictures/EON)

Daniel Craig's fifth and final outing as Ian Fleming's spy was critically acclaimed for its action sequences and moving story. The performances of Craig, Lea Seydoux, Lashana Lynch and Ana de Amas also received high praise.

No Time to Die was also a box-office success, becoming the third highest grossing film in the history of the UK and the fourth highest grossing film of 2021.

As it was Craig's last film in the role, there has been much speculation about who will replace him with a variety of names such as Rege-Jean Page, Tom Hardy, Paapa Essiedu and Henry Cavill.

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