Chloe Bailey shares ghostly encounter she experienced filming The Exorcism

Chloe Bailey has shared the spooky experience she encountered while filming new horror movie The Exorcism.

The 25-year-old Grown-ish actress stars in the chilling new supernatural horror that sees her character, Blake Holloway, confronting demonic possession and haunting scenes.

But it was an experience away from the set of the film, which also stars Russell Crowe and Sam Worthington, that really rattled the former Disney child star.

Opening up to the Mirror, Chloe said, "The apartment I was staying at in Willington, North Carolina, where we were filming, had an eerie aura.

"Walking up the stairs alone, I couldn't shake off the strange feeling. Later, I discovered it was an old funeral home! ... I just stay prayed up, and I'm like, I'm covered by the blood of Jesus, and I'm good."

Chloe went on to explain that she found that working on a film about possession and exorcism reaffirmed her belief in her faith.

She said, "I'm a lover of God, and I'm grateful that my energy was protected while filming something like this.

"I prayed every day during filming and had sage on me - just like my character Blake does on her set, which I thought was really funny because I was like ', Oh yes, this is something I would have done'."

The Exorcist is in cinemas now.