Chris Evans feels amazing after a year of sobriety

Chris Evans has quit drinking credit:Bang Showbiz
Chris Evans has quit drinking credit:Bang Showbiz

Chris Evans feels "amazing" after a year of sobriety.

The veteran broadcaster has taken to social media to celebrate the landmark, posting a photo of himself alongside his wife, Natasha Shishmanian, on X.

The 58-year-old DJ - who was treated for melanoma in 2023, but is now cancer-free - wrote on Instagram: “Happy Soberversary to us! One year alcohol free TODAY. Feels amazing. Year 2 starts tmr. (sic)"

Chris previously discussed his cancer battle with consultant dermatologist Dr Ellie Rashid on his Virgin Radio show.

The broadcaster revealed that he was in a "wonderful place" post-op.

Chris said: “I'm now sporting a proud scar. I've got my scar on the back of my calf.

"I love my scar, because the scar led me to a sunnier tomorrow and I'm still in that tomorrow today, and it's a wonderful place to be."

Chris also shared some skincare advice with his listeners.

The TV star revealed that he's become much more health-conscious following his cancer scare.

Speaking about his summer plans, Chis said: "My dermatologist, she says from now on, I always have to wear skin protection if any of my skin is naked because I'm so susceptible.

"This is the first summer that I will have had skin cancer - I don't have it anymore, thank God and I am just covering up now.

"So we go on a holiday on Sunday we're going to Portugal. And so my UV tops, my long sleeve UV tops arrived, last night we tried them on. Is that all good? Because I still want to go swimming with the kids."