Chris Evans slams new LGBT policy in the US that could strip kids of citizenship

Ben Arnold
Chris Evans (Credit: Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP)

Following his full-voiced condemnation of new anti-abortion legislation in the states of Alabama and Georgia, Chris Evans is taking aim at a shocking new policy which could strip the children of LGBT couples of their US citizenship.

The Captain America star tweeted a link to an article on US news site The Daily Beast, calling the policy 'maddening'.

He added: “We are regressing.”

The article investigates how the Trump administration's State Department has passed a new ruling, meaning that children of US couples born abroad via 'assisted reproductive technology' will be considered children born 'out of wedlock'.

As such their birthright citizenship of the US will not be guaranteed.

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This particularly affects the children of LGBT couples, and is to be enforced even if the couple are legally married.

It could mean that parents will face 'legal and logistical hurdles', and could even potentially mean that child is technically 'stateless' and could be deported.

Fans were quick to thank Evans, who has nearly 12 million followers on Twitter, for bringing the story to a wider audience.

It follows earlier remarks from Evans this week, after he expressed his horror at new legislation in Alabama, which would effectively ban abortion in virtually every circumstance.

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The legislation went further than the so-called 'Heartbeat bill' in Georgia, which was voted in last week.

It would prevent women from terminating pregnancies even in the case of rape or incest, only allowing them if they are required to save life.

Followers flooded Evans' timeline with positive messages, after he called the move 'absolutely unbelievable'.