Chris Hemsworth putting on more bulk than Thor for Hulk Hogan role

Hemsworth in Thor: Ragnarok (Credit: Marvel)
Hemsworth in Thor: Ragnarok (Credit: Marvel)

Chris Hemsworth will be bigger than Thor when he plays Hulk Hogan in the forthcoming biopic movie for Netflix.

The Avengers star explained to Total Film that the prep he's embarking on for the movie is 'insanely physical'.

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“This movie is going to be a really fun project,” he said. “I will have to put on more size than I ever have before, even more than I put on for Thor.

Hulk Hogan Vs Ric "Nature Boy" Flair At World Championship Wrestling "Bash At The Beach" Credit: 2124089Globe Photos/MediaPunch /IPX
Hulk Hogan and Ric 'Nature Boy' Flair At World Championship Wrestling 'Bash At The Beach' (Credit: 2124089Globe Photos/MediaPunch/IPX)

“There is the accent as well as the physicality and the attitude. I will also have to do a deep dive into the rabbit hole of the wrestling world, which I’m really looking forward to doing.”

He also confirmed: “I’m going to be blonde, probably balding and with a ‘tache.”

The movie is being made by Joker director Todd Phillips, though it's thought the movie won't be delving into his later career controversy.

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The Hulk, born Terry Gene Bollea, was embroiled in a sex tape scandal in 2012, a clip of which was later published by the website Gawker.

Hogan later sued Gawker for $100 million for defamation, a court case partly funded by Peter Thiel, the German-born Silicone Valley luminary behind PayPal.

Muhammad Ali and Hulk Hogan in 1985 Credit: 347447Globe Photos/MediaPunch /IPX
Muhammad Ali and Hulk Hogan in 1985 (Credit: Globe Photos/MediaPunch/IPX)

The lawsuit eventually bankrupted the website, with Hogan receiving tens of millions of dollars in a settlement.

Instead, it's said that the movie will focus on the early period of Hogan's career, during which he developed his 'Hulkster' persona and rose to prominence in the World Wrestling Federation, now WWE, in the 1970s and 80s.

Speaking in May about the project, Hemsworth told Screenrant that the film will 'show a side of the [wrestling] world that people haven't seen before'.

Hemsworth will be reprising his role as Thor in Thor: Love and Thunder for director Taika Waititi, though filming for the movie has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Its release is scheduled for 28 February, 2022. The Hogan biopic currently has no confirmed release date.