Christmas 2020 TV guide: The best films on UK telly for Christmas Eve

Moana, It's a Wonderful Life, Paddington 2.
Moana, It's a Wonderful Life, Paddington 2.

Christmas is finally here, and to guide you through the season we’ll be sharing the best movies on TV every day.

Choose from Christmas comedy, feel good classics and indie films as TopFilmTip brings you the best films on TV for Christmas Eve 2020

Some films may require a Sky subscription.

Tubby lazy bear loses fights with insect, bird, monkey and snake but beats evil leopard in phenomenally fun punch em up Kung Fu Panda 9.00am BBC One

Workaholic dad rediscovers childhood adventure and zeal in Steven Spielberg’s swashbuckling insult-battling pirate fighting fun Hook 9.35am Sky 1

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Young girl discovers its a hard knock life when she stays with a warmonger and seeks out her lost parents, top musical Annie 10.15am Channel 5

Orphan pauper survives poverty in the Alec Guinness starring, David Lean production of the timeless classic Oliver Twist (1948) 10.30am Talking Pictures

Oliver Twist, lobbycard, from left, Henry Edwards, John Howard Davies, Henry Stephenson, 1948. (Photo by LMPC via Getty Images)
Oliver Twist, lobbycard, from left, Henry Edwards, John Howard Davies, Henry Stephenson, 1948. (Photo by LMPC via Getty Images)

Chubby monochrome martial artists must discover his origins in order to battle super natural foe in colourful oriental adventure Kung Fu Panda 3 10.45am BBC One

Culture clash precipitates breathtaking forbidden love as English widow is tasked with educating royal children Anna and the King 10.45am More 4

Con artist escapes lady, tricks miners, finds the motherlode and removes a tattoo in western comedy gem Support Your Local Gunfighter 11.00am Paramount Network

Indomitable Polynesian princess persuades obstinate demi-god to return mystical-McGuffin in astute and irresistible exotic adventure Moana 12.35pm BBC One

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Mountain men dance-fight townsfolk and steal their womens in barnstorming Stockholm syndrome musical Seven Brides for Seven Brothers 12.55pm Channel 5

Sabretooth tiger, hairy elephant and idiotic drooling sloth seek to return baby to prehistoric family in acorn craving kids comedy Ice Age 1.05pm Film 4

Southern belle falls for Boy Next Door Under The Bamboo Tree, enjoys a Trolley Song and Had A Very Merry Christmas Meet Me in St Louis 1.25pm BBC Two

Leonardo DiCaprio gurns, Johnny Depp yearns and Mama burns in heart warming small town character study What's Eating Gilbert Grape 2.15pm Sony Movies

A suicidal man and a career driven angel skip across alternate realities to see the impact one life can make It's a Wonderful Life 2.35pm Channel 4

LOS ANGELES - DECEMBER 20: The movie "It's a Wonderful Life", produced and directed by Frank Capra. Seen here in center, James Stewart as George Bailey trying to calm investors. Premiered December 20, 1946; theatrical wide release January 7, 1947. Screen capture. Paramount Pictures. (Photo by CBS via Getty Images)
It's a Wonderful Life, produced and directed by Frank Capra. (CBS via Getty Images)

Driven to insanity by hunger, once proud New Yorker craves his best friend's striped flesh in brine spitting kids comedy Madagascar 2.45pm Film 4

Mistaken for burglar, hairy marmalade licker flees pink-clad-prison to involve family in train robbery in pure delight Paddington 2 4.15pm BBC One

After incinerating nemesis, supervillain faces existential crisis, depression and multiple identity disorder- kids comedy Megamind 4.30pm Film 4

Leaving a promise as waitress’ tip, Kind-hearted cop Nic Cage’s lottery win drives wedge through his marriage It Could Happen to You 4.40pm Sony Movies

Top comedy as John Candy’s hatchet burying, dog overfeeding, irresponsible bachelor looks after his brothers kids Uncle Buck 5.50pm ITV2

Explosions, chases and teenage crushes / races as geek Viking learns secrets of dragon taming in outstanding fantasy How to Train Your Dragon 6.00pm E4

Overgrown orphan Will Ferrell eats pavement gum, delivers life lessons, Xmas cheer, epic belches & massive offence to a Lannister Elf 6.15pm Sky 1

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Callow housewife and jaded BFF assert their womanhood in crime spree road-trip in iconic journey of self-discovery Thelma & Louise 9.00pm 5 Star

Oriental Mogwai causes chaos when idiotic bank boy breaks three simple rules in Joe Dante's impish cutetastic cult treat Gremlins 9.45pm Sky 1

Anarchic, irresponsible duo must mentor boob obsessed street kid and RPG obsessed nerd in top double odd couple comedy Role Models 10.00pm ITV4

Scouse-wife escape routine and loveless husband for Greek adventure and rediscovers her lost youth and love of life Shirley Valentine 10.00pm Channel 5

Fractious family accidentally win holiday, drink coke in the can, fail roundabouts and repeatedly assault cyclist National Lampoon's European Vacation 12.05am ITV4

Martin Freeman is haunted by his past in Ghost Stories (Lionsgate)
Martin Freeman is haunted by his past in Ghost Stories (Lionsgate)

Supernatural skeptic faces his fears when challenged to debunk 3 cases of ghoulish girls, unseen stalkers and malicious monsters: horripilating horror Ghost Stories 12.15am BBC Two

Transgender prostitutes rip through Hollywood's tawdry underbelly in search of heartbreaking pimp: vivacious, charismatic D-rama causing wonder Tangerine 1.35am Film 4

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