Your Christmas or Mine stars tease third movie

Your Christmas or Mine 2 spoilers follow.

Sex Education's Asa Butterfield and Cora Kirk are keen to return for a third instalment of Prime Video film Your Christmas or Mine.

The two recently reprised their roles as young lovers James (Butterfield) and Hayley (Kirk) for Your Christmas or Mine 2, which sees another festive mix-up for the couple and their two families: the Taylors and the Hughes.

In an exclusive interview, the film's leads tell Digital Spy that they would be open to a third movie and tease where they'd like it to be set.

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"I hope so," says Kirk when asked if we can expect a third movie. "I think it would be lovely to bring Hayley and James's story to a close."

"Then we never have to see each other again," jokes Butterfield. "I don’t want to have that looming over me for the rest of my life."

Reflecting on the Your Christmas or Mine movies to date, Kirk suggests a preference for the shooting location of a future follow-up.

asa butterfield as james, the hughes family, your christmas or mine 2
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"We've done home, we've done snow," she says. "So let's hope we would do sun, or something that is not skiing."

In the second film, Hayley's grandad (Ram John Holder) brings up the subject of the following Christmas, stating he'd like to spend next year's festivities at "home, home" – and he's not talking about Macclesfield.

Hoping for a sunnier climate, both Kirk and Butterfield were in sync with their ideal Your Christmas or Mine 3 filming location.

"The Caribbean," says Kirk, with Butterfield agreeing: "Somewhere in the Caribbean, that's the dream."

And the essential elements of a Caribbean adventure? "Rum punch, sun, sea, sand," says Kirk.

Your Christmas or Mine and Your Christmas or Mine 2 are available to stream on Prime Video now.

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