Christoph Waltz Chokes Up Over Brexit, Calls Farage The 'Head Rat'

He might be Hollywood these days, but Christoph Waltz is European to the marrow.

While doing the publicity rounds for his new movie ‘The Legend of Tarzan’ yesterday, news broke that Nigel Farage had stepped down as leader of the UK Independence Party.

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Waltz has voiced his opinions on the European referendum in the past, and was more than happy to give his two cents on the Leave campaigner quitting his post.


“Well, of course, the head rat would leave the sinking ship,” he told Sky News.

“It’s inevitable, you know, they tried to dress it up as a heroic exit – no, it’s conceding defeat, it’s putting the tail between their legs and, as rats do, leave the sinking ship. Leave the mess for the others to clean up and retreat into some profitable other business.


“That shows you how despicable these people are, that they can’t even stand up for what they caused.”

Asked if he was against Brexit, he suddenly got choked up.

“Oh 100%. A little too emotionally, because I can’t… I can’t comprehend the abysmal stupidity.”

In a later interview with PA, he dubbed the vote to leave the EU ‘breathtakingly stupid’.

Strong words.

‘The Legend of Tarzan’ is due out on July 6.

Image credits: AP/Warner Bros