Christopher Nolan and Robert Pattinson didn't talk about ‘The Batman’ while shooting ‘Tenet’

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Robert Pattinson and Christopher Nolan eventually joked about his work on The Batman, though (Image by Warner Bros)
Robert Pattinson and Christopher Nolan eventually joked about his work on The Batman, though (Image by Warner Bros)

Christopher Nolan and Robert Pattinson originally didn’t talk about his casting as Batman while shooting Tenet.

That’s despite the fact that Pattinson was hired to be the next Bruce Wayne right at the very beginning of production on director Nolan’s time-bending blockbuster.

Of course, Nolan became arguably the most in-demand director in Hollywood after overseeing The Dark Knight trilogy between 2005 and 2012.

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While talking with Singapore’s CNA news outlet, Nolan was asked whether Pattinson had asked him for any advice about playing the Caped Crusader.

“He certainly did not ask me for any advice,” Nolan said. “We kept a respectful silence around the issue until very near the end of the shoot.

“We said a couple of things and made a couple of jokes. We did have a little bit of a conversation about the various aspects of what he was going to be putting himself through.

“But I was thrilled that he was cast, and I think he’ll do an amazing job. I’m really excited to see what he does with that character.”

While Nolan didn’t have much to say to Pattinson about playing Batman, it turns out that Christian Bale, who portrayed the superhero during Nolan’s tenure in charge of the franchise, did have some advice regarding the Batman costume.

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That’s according to co-writer and director Matt Reeves, who told last weekend’s DC FanDome panel on The Batman: “Rob actually talked to Christian Bale, and Christian Bale was like, ‘Just make sure you’re gonna be able to relieve yourself,’ so all of that sort of was actually part of what was important to build in too.”

We’ll get to see what Pattinson and Reeves deliver with The Batman when it is released on October 1, 2021.

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