Could Daniel Radcliffe Be Set To Play Harry Potter Again? No, Says WB

Ben Arnold

UPDATE: Warner Bros. have denied the story reiterating a recent statement that said: “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is a stage play, with no plans for there to be a film.”

ORIGINAL STORY: In every role post-Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe has distanced himself from his breakthrough as the literary boy wizard.

But according to reports, Warner Bros is looking to adapt J.K. Rowling’s stage play ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’, currently running in the West End, into a movie.

And who do they have in mind for the lead role of the grown-up Harry? Well, Daniel Radcliffe, obviously.

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Reports emerged earlier in the summer that the studio had trademarked the name of the show, suggesting a movie could be in the offing – despite Rowling insisting her intentions were never to turn the play into a movie.

Now sources have told the New York Daily News that not only is the studio plotting a movie, but have their sights set on Radcliffe for the lead.

“Warners is secretly working on getting the movie rights and a screenplay settled, and of course in their minds only one man should be Harry,” a ‘well-placed Hollywood source’ told the newspaper.


“However he has made it clear that his mind is certainly not focused on returning to the role anytime soon — and that could be until he hits 40.”

They added: “Daniel had that job for over a decade with huge success and critical acclaim, but since then he has really established himself as a very strong actor with films like ‘The Woman in Black’ and his Broadway work.

“He doesn’t need to go back for money or to reboot his career, so he will need some persuading.”

For his part, and while he’s certainly moved on, Radcliffe has taken a more ‘never say never’ approach to returning to the role.

Only this month, he told The Sun: “It is a tricky one. You never want to close a door on anything, especially something that has been so good to me.”

But he added: “At the moment I am definitely not at a stage where I would feel comfortable going back to it.

“Who knows in ten and 20 years if I would feel differently about that? I think I have still got a little while for me to be age appropriate for this.”

Image credits: Warner Bros/Yahoo File