Daniel Radcliffe turning action hero in Guns Akimbo

Ben Bussey
UK Movies Writer
Daniel Radcliffe is set to take on his first gun-toting action movie role (credit: WENN)

Daniel Radcliffe, a gun-toting action hero? It might not seem the most likely of casting – but from the sound of things, the film in question isn’t going to be an especially conventional action movie.

News has just broken out of the Cannes Film Festival that the 27-year old British star has been cast in the lead role of ‘Guns Akimbo,’ the second feature from writer-director Jason Lei Howden.

Howden’s first film, heavy metal horror comedy ‘Deathgasm,’ was pretty out there – and it sounds as if ‘Guns Akimbo’ will be similarly off the chain, as The Hollywood Reporter describe it as an “adrenaline fuelled balls-to-the-wall original action comedy reminiscent in tone to films such as ‘Kick-Ass’ or ‘Deadpool.'”

Reportedly the film will cast Radcliffe as “a man whose mundane existence is turned upside-down when he finds himself enrolled on a dark net website that forces complete strangers to fight in a city-wide game of death.” Initially his character does all he can to avoid the bloodshed, but is forced to get involved when his girlfriend is kidnapped.

One of the few sedate moments in 2015’s ‘Deathgasm’ (credit: Studiocanal)

New Zealand filmmaker Howden has also worked extensively in visual effects, his credits including ‘Avengers Assemble,’ the ‘Hobbit’ trilogy, and the upcoming ‘War for the Planet of the Apes.’

‘Guns Akimbo’ producer Joe Neurauter of Occupant Entertainment praises Howden as “an incredibly talented new filmmaker,” who he promises will deliver “a commercial action film that is original, fresh and gives us unique and exciting characters.”

No word yet on who else will join Radcliffe in ‘Guns Akimbo,’ or when we can expect to see it on screens.

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