X-Men movie 'Dark Phoenix' tops list of biggest bombs of 2019

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Dark Phoenix (Credit: Fox)
Dark Phoenix (Credit: Fox)

X-Men movie Dark Phoenix ended up losing a massive £116 million at the worldwide box office, making it the biggest bomb of last year.

Numerous release date changes, an inexperienced first-time director, ballooning production costs and a critical mauling meant that the movie cost 20th Century Fox – and in turn Disney, which had just bought the studio – $143 million in losses.

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It made $252 million at the worldwide box office, but cost $200 million to make, the losses racking up when adding on advertising and marketing costs.

The movie has topped Deadline's annual list of the worst performing movies of 2019, just beating Terminator: Dark Fate, which lost Paramount a sturdy $122 million – around £106 million.

Terminator: Dark Fate (Credit: Paramount)
Terminator: Dark Fate (Credit: Paramount)

The rebooted Terminator movie, with James Cameron producing, received fewer negative reviews, but still significantly misfired, having costed nearly $200 million and bringing in just $261 million.

In third place was director Tom Hooper's ill-feted adaptation of Cats, which got off to a terrible start when its first trailer went viral for all the wrong reasons.

Despite an all-star cast, terrible reviews contributed towards a loss of $113 million - £91 million.

Following Cats was Will Smith actioner Gemini Man, a movie which was in development hell for 20 years before being picked up by director Ang Lee.

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Starring Smith as a hitman who is targeted by a younger clone of himself, the de-ageing CGI and Lee's use of a speeded up 120 frames per second frame rate unnerved many.

It cost $138 million to make, and only made $173 million, counting up a loss of $111 million (£89 million).

Animated movie Missing Link, made by Kubo and the Two Strings studio Laika, rounds out the list with a loss of $101 million (£81 million)