'The Snowman' producer reveals charming story behind David Bowie's iconic scarf

David Bowie's son, filmmaker Duncan Jones, now owns the scarf his father wore in 'The Snowman'. (Credit: Channel 4/Duncan Jones/Twitter)
David Bowie's son, filmmaker Duncan Jones, now owns the scarf his father wore in The Snowman. (Channel 4/Duncan Jones/Twitter)

In 2020, the producer behind David Bowie’s introduction to Channel 4’s iconic adaptation of Raymond Briggs' The Snowman revealed a the heart-warming story behind the scarf the singer wore during filming.

Bowie recorded an introduction to the Raymond Briggs story ahead of its US release, but his message has since been added to most versions of the beloved 1982 animation.

The late singer’s son — Moon filmmaker Duncan Jones — shared an image of the scarf on Twitter, having found the famous prop while looking through some storage boxes.

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Producer Brian Harding offered a reply to his tweet, explaining the lovely story behind how the scarf came to be in Jones’s possession.

Harding wrote: “The Scarf was knitted by the lady in the accounts department of TVC, the production company who made the animation.

“She came onto the set and presented it to David. When filming was over, David asked very politely if he could keep the scarf to give to his son, Zowie [Duncan’s birth name].

“This was the only fee he charged for the filming and I believe he offered his services for personal reasons.

“He was charming throughout and totally professional. I am glad that the scarf found its way to the destination he intended: from the dude to another dude.”

Sadly, not everyone was enamoured with Bowie's intro. In America, Briggs wasn’t deemed starry enough, so Bowie was recruited as a famous face to present the alternate opening.

David Bowie introducing The Snowman. (TVC)
David Bowie introducing The Snowman. (TVC)

In 2017, Briggs revealed his displeasure with Bowie's intro saying: “He got it all wrong, terribly. Hopeless. It didn’t matter, they did it about six times. But it was fun meeting him, wearing his wonderful, glittering pink shoes. I’d never seen pink shoes before on a man.

“And he said, “I greatly admire your work.” And I said, ‘God, I wish I could say the same’… Well, I muttered it.”

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