David Fincher on why The Killer is nothing like James Bond

michael fassbender, the killer
Fincher on why The Killer is nothing like BondNetflix

David Fincher's new movie The Killer follows an unnamed assassin who has a cold blooded approach to killing, until things get messy.

The thriller stars Michael Fassbender and is based on a French graphic novel by Matz and Luc Jacamon.

Ahead of its theatrical release on October 27, Fincher spoke to Empire where he explained the big difference between his protagonist and sometime assassin James Bond.

michael fassbender, the killer

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"He’s not James Bond," Fincher said. "Our guy flies coach."

Fincher went on to explain how he used the character's inner monologue to connect with audiences and show his humanity.

"I thought the character’s nihilism was interesting, because it was tied to his self-loathing,” he explained.

"Then I started thinking about this inner monologue. He has this whole thing he tells himself, which is a way of demeaning his prey so he can feel better about ostensibly being a serial killer for hire. I thought that could be interesting to navigate.

michael fassbender in the killer

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"I like the pact a voiceover makes with the viewer," he added. "Seeing life through the eyes – and scope – of an assassin puts the audience in an interesting position. Let’s see how far they’ll go."

Alongside Fassbender, The Killer also stars Charles Parnell as The Killer's handler Hodges, Sophie Charlotte as The Killer's girlfriend Magdala, Kerry O'Malley as Dolores, and Tilda Swinton in the role of assassin The Expert.

Speaking last month, Fassbender explained why he was so excited to work with Fincher on the movie.

"This is the type of film I was salivating to do," Fassbender said. "There's suspense and intrigue. A slow drip. I love that kind of movie."

The Killer is released in select cinemas in October and on Netflix from November 10.

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