Deadpool 2 wants David Harbour as Cable

David Harbour in Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix
David Harbour in Stranger Things – Credit: Netflix

‘Deadpool 2’ could star David Harbour as Cable.

According to The Wrap, the ‘Stranger Things’ star is up for the role of time-travelling mutant, Cable in the upcoming ‘Deadpool’ sequel.

“Stranger Things star David Harbour is being eyed to play Cable in 20th Century Fox’s ‘Deadpool 2’,” they revealed. “The source also said Fox has screen-tested the actor, who plays Chief Jim Hopper on the Netflix phenomenon, to play the time-travelling mutant in the upcoming sequel to the hit film.”

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Of course, David Harbour is now best known for the role of small town police chief Jim Hopper in ‘Stranger Things’… but he’s no stranger to the big screen, either. He’s appeared in the likes of ‘Brokeback Mountain’, ‘Quantum of Solace’ and even the gritty crime noir thriller, ‘A Walk Among the Tombstones’.

He’s even appeared in a comic book movie, too.

That’s right – he was Scanlon in the recent ‘Green Hornet’ flick.

Not your usual heroes - Credit: Marvel
Not your usual heroes – Credit: Marvel

“Casting is not complete and Harbour doesn’t yet have the job, but he has screen tested with Reynolds and is definitely one of the actors under consideration for the role,” adds Collider. “Sources tell us that Michael Shannon was previously in the mix to potentially play Cable, but he’s no longer in the running due to scheduling issues.”

Will David Harbour end up as Cable? For now, we’ll have to wait and see. But I can’t help thinking he’s a pretty solid choice.

‘Deadpool 2’ stars Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson.

David Leitch will direct based on a script by Drew Goddard, Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick.

‘Deadpool 2’ heads to cinemas on 2 March 2018.

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