Deadpool will be the 'only Fox X-Men character' not to be rebooted by Disney

Deadpool (Credit: Fox)
Deadpool (Credit: Fox)

Now that the houses of Fox and Disney have joined, superhero fans are chomping at the bit to see the Marvel characters previously owned by Fox join their compadres owned by Disney.

Particularly intriguing is what this may mean for the the X-Men, formerly owned by Fox, and now residing at the House of Mouse.

Dark Phoenix, focussing on Sophie Turner’s Jean Grey, will be the first Fox-made X-Men movie to come out of Disney, but after that, it’s not known how things may shape up for the plucky band of mutant superheroes.

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It’s thought that there will be recasts and reboots of all the characters, but there’s one that will reportedly be staying just the way he is.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool will be the only one of the X-Men to remain untouched by the move.

It’s perhaps unsurprising, considering that the two movies released by Fox so far, Deadpool and Deadpool 2, made $783 million and $785 million respectively, but Disney boss Bob Iger keen to make more R-rated Deadpool sequels.

Reynolds has already hailed the arrival of his new overlords, in a typically impertinent tweet:

Less safe is the Fox-made X-Men chapter New Mutants, helmed by Josh Boone, which, though still currently working towards an August release date, is being described as ‘troubled’, according to THR.

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“The idea of reshoots has been brought up, although the film could ultimately end up on a streaming platform, such as Disney+ or Hulu rather than a theatrical release,” it reports.

But could we see an X-Men, Fantastic Four and Avengers triple header? For the wage bill alone, perhaps not, but times are indeed a-changing.