This new deepfake of 'Back To The Future' with Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr is terrifying

Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr in Back To The Future (Credit: YouTube/EZRyderX47)
Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr in Back To The Future (Credit: YouTube/EZRyderX47)

There's a new deepfake doing the rounds on YouTube, and while previous face-swapping efforts have been unsettling, this one is borderline disturbing.

It finds Avengers stars Tom Holland as Marty McFly, and Robert Downey Jr as Doc Brown from Back To The Future.

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And while it's lovely to see Spider-Man and Tony Stark back on screen together, it's also a harrowing glimpse into a post-truth world where we can trust nothing that we see anymore.

God help us all.

This worrisome clip has been put together by EZRyderX47, and has already gone viral, receiving a staggering 1.8 million views in just a few days.

EZRyderX47 has said that he used free software DeepFaceLab and Hitfilm Express 13 to make the faked clip.

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One of his previous somehow slightly more jarring – so slightly less uncanny – videos also switched out Spider-Man so that it was Marty McFly in the scene in which Tom Holland's Peter Parker meets Mysterio in Spider-Man: Far From Home.

But with this latest clip, he's hit viral glory.

Deepfakes have begun to do the rounds more regularly, with recent examples including Bill Hader morphing into Al Pacino while doing an interview on US TV, Jim Carrey in The Shining, and Sylvester Stallone in Terminator 2, all by the YouTuber ctrl_shift_face.