Derek Draper's final days to be shown in new doc

Derek Draper's final days will reportedly be shown in a new documentary.

Derek, 56, passed away in January after an almost four year battle with the effects of COVID-19 and a new ITV documentary featuring Derek and his TV presenter wife Kate Garraway will show him speaking about his illness for the first time.

A scene from the trailer shows Derek in bed with a notepad and pen as he says: "My name’s Derek Draper, I want you to hear my story.”

Sitting beside him Kate, 56, says: “You’ve written COVID changed everything. Do you mean for you?”

He replies "yes" and Kate asks "Where’s your story going to end?"

Kate has previously made two documentaries about Derek's illness but the third 'Kate Garraway: Derek’s Story' was his idea.

A source told The Sun on Sunday: "Derek really wanted to make this documentary and have his say.

“It was incredibly brave of him to let cameras into his home.”

And, Kate admitted it is devastating that Derek will not be around to watch the doc with her.

She told 'Good Morning Britain': "It's been pretty emotional actually. Makes you want to jump in the screen and give him a hug.

"You can't quite believe that he's not with us to watch his story. But, hopefully, it will be very useful for others who that are going through the same thing. That's the dream and the wish.

"There's fragility, vulnerability, obviously deep ill-health and damage, but yeah he was his own man until the end.

"'It was his idea to make this and his story, so hopefully it will bring a lot of help to a lot of people who are in the situation Derek's in with long-term illness and those around them that care for them and the professional carers as well."