Die Hard is NOT a Christmas movie, say most people

Bruce Willis in Die Hard (Credit: 20th Century Fox)
Bruce Willis in Die Hard (Credit: 20th Century Fox)

Picture the scene…

You’re at a Christmas party and a man with an excessively ironic festive jumper has you cornered while he explains that, while ‘this might surprise you’, his favourite Christmas movie is ‘actually Die Hard’.

Because it happens at Christmas. So it’s a Christmas movie. Yeah?

But rather than scanning desperately over their shoulder for the most polite way out of this waking nightmare, you can now hit them with some cold, hard stats.

An official poll by US technology and data company Morning Consult has determined that most people believe it is NOT a Christmas movie, and by a logical extension, no, you’re not clever for saying so.

Overall, 62 percent of the 2,200 adults polled said no, it is not, with just 25 percent saying yes (and 13 percent on the fence).

Split by gender, 57 percent of men said no, and 67 percent of women agreed.

The older the voter, the more likely to disagree with the premise entirely, with 78 percent of over 65s saying no, 75 percent of 55 to 64s saying no, and 50 percent of 18 to 29-year-olds (surely the target smart arse area here) saying no.

So that’s an emphatic no.

No, Die Hard is not a Christmas movie, so let’s now all move on.

The Life of Brian, on the other hand…

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