Disney accused of trying to edit out its racially dubious past with Disney+ plans

Song of the South (Credit: Disney)
Song of the South (Credit: Disney)

Disney’s plans to remove some of the more racially insensitive moments from its back catalogue have been criticised by movie fans.

It was reported earlier this week that the 1946 animated-live action movie Song of the South will not be appearing on new streaming service Disney+.

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The film has long been hauled up over its offensive racial stereotypes, as well as sanitising the realities of plantation life.

The studio is also planning to remove the controversial scene from 1941’s Dumbo featuring the singing bird character Jim Crow, named after the black face character created in the 1800s, and which later offered up a title for racial segregation laws.

Dumbo (Credit: Disney)
Dumbo (Credit: Disney)

But the decision by the studio to edit out these parts of its back catalogue is now under scrutiny.

While some have described the decision as being a symptom of political correctness, others have criticised Disney for trying to erase previous wrongs, as if they never happened.

Song of the South was never released on home video by Disney, despite it being the inspiration for the ride Splash Mountain at Disneyland.

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Disney boss Bob Iger broached the subject in 2011.

“It was made in a different time… I just felt that there are elements to the film, while it was a relatively good film, that wouldn’t necessarily sit right or feel right to a number of people today,” he said.

“Sometimes you make sacrifices on the financial side to do what you believe is right.”

Disney+ will launch on November 12.