All the Disney Easter eggs in 'Ralph Breaks the Internet' from 'Frozen 2' to 'Star Wars'

The Disney Princesses are among the many Disney Easter eggs in <em>Ralph Breaks the Internet</em>. (Image: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures / courtesy Everett Collection)
The Disney Princesses are among the many Disney Easter eggs in Ralph Breaks the Internet. (Image: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures / courtesy Everett Collection)

By Ethan Alter, Yahoo Entertainment

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Ralph Breaks the Internet.

As the title suggests, the animated sequel Ralph Breaks the Internet finds everyone’s favourite fictional ’80s video game character, Wreck-It Ralph (voiced by John C. Reilly), careening through the online world like — what else? — a wrecking ball. But even as the new film lightly satirises internet giants like eBay and Google, many of its best gags are aimed directly at its parent corporation, the Walt Disney Company.

At one point in the movie, normally inseparable best friends Ralph and Vanellope (Sarah Silverman) split up to explore different corners of the World Wide Web. While Ralph churns out viral videos for a YouTube-meets-BuzzFeed site, the Sugar Rush racer finds herself in the candy-coloured world of Oh My Disney, an official online destination for all things Mouse House-related.

That full sequence, plus a pair of mid- and end-credits scenes, are a gold mine for cinematic Easter Egg hunters.

Here are some of the Disney-related inside jokes to look for when you see Ralph Breaks the Internet this weekend.


A staple of any Disney and/or Pixar release, A113 is the call sign for an actual classroom at California Institute of the Arts — a veritable factory for producing some of the biggest names in American animation. Tim Burton, Brad Bird, Andrew Stanton and Ralph co-director Rich Moore are among the alumni who passed through that room, and many of them have found a way to pay homage to their former stomping grounds in their postgrad work. In Ralph Breaks the Internet, A113 appears on the wall of an Oh My Disney corridor as Vanellope is racing around evading capture.

Baby Moana

The mid-credits scene from Ralph Breaks the Internet makes waves by bringing back Baby Moana and her mother, Sina (Nicole Scherzinger). Instead of sailing on the open water, the way-finding duo are cruising in a car in the present day. While Sina pilots the vehicle, Baby Mo passes the time with a kid-friendly tablet app with which you feed pancakes and milkshakes to a rabbit and milkshakes to a cute bunny and kitty, respectively. But this innocent game takes a dark turn when Ralph crashes the party, giving Moana a bigger scare than any giant, David Bowie-crooning crab could.


As befits his programming, the eternally proper protocol droid (voiced, as always, by Anthony Daniels) ensures that protocol is properly followed behind the scenes at Oh My Disney. C-3PO shows up at the door of the Disney Princesses’ hangout room, informing them that they have to take their places to greet the participants of another “Which Disney Princess Am I?” online quiz.

Disney Princesses

In Ralph Breaks the Internet’s single funniest scene — which has already been teased in the film’s trailers — Disney’s first Jewish princess meets her extended royal sisterhood, from Ariel to Snow White. The filmmakers reassembled every still-living Disney Princess to reprise their roles and found novel ways to both honour and poke fun at these iconic characters. For example, Pocahontas’s hair is always blowing in the (colours of the) wind, and Cinderella wields her famous glass slipper as a weapon. And whenever the directors were off-base in their characterisations, the actresses let them know. That’s why these princesses rule.


Even the Hundred Acre Wood’s most dour citizen can’t pop Vanellope‘s bubbly personality. The depressed donkey makes a quick cameo in the Oh My Disney sequence, voiced by Everybody Loves Raymond star Brad Garrett, who also moaned and groaned in Christopher Robin earlier this year.

Frozen 2

Disney already has the fourth and final Avengers movie and Star Wars: Episode IX due in 2019, but both of those movies could very well be dwarfed by Frozen 2, which reunites Elsa and Anna for an all-new adventure and lots of new earworm-y songs. While Ralph Breaks the Internet is also no slouch in the box office department, the movie cheerfully acknowledges that it’s destined to be an also-ran to Frozen 2. A post-credits scene teases a “sneak peek” at the top-secret sequel that turns out to be an elaborate Rickroll prank. Never gonna tell a lie: That’s really funny.


Vin Diesel’s music-loving Guardian is seen taking part in an Oh My Disney Q&A session. Politicians and actors take note: Groot is the one being in this or any other galaxy who can get away with giving the same answer to every question.


If Eeyore isn’t curmudgeonly enough for you, the grumpiest of Snow White’s Seven Dwarves can find a way to turn your smile upside down in what’s supposed to be the happiest place on the internet.

Hei Hei

Moana’s goofy sidekick has a quick walk-on cameo. Here’s hoping chicken isn’t on the menu in the Oh My Disney cafeteria.

Iron Man

The most popular Avenger survived the Snapture and is now hanging out in the Oh My Disney ecosystem waiting to be redeployed for Avengers 4. We like to think he’s popping over to Reddit every now and then to read, and laugh at, fan theories.

Nick Wilde

Zootropolis’s wily fox strolls by Vanellope as she takes in the sights and sounds of Disney’s online destination. The producer of Ralph Breaks The Internet recently updated us on the possibility of Zootropolis 2 – find out Clark Spencer had to say here.

Stan Lee

The Marvel Comics icon reportedly completed a number of cameos before his recent passing. While he didn’t have to record any dialogue or show up on any set for his Ralph Breaks the Internet appearance, fans will be happy to know that his image is preserved forever online and in animation.


It makes sense that Disney would employ Imperial Army — and later First Order — foot soldiers as their own personal security system. A group of stormtroopers pursue Vanellope when she attempts to earn some coin at Disney’s expense. One Star Wars bad guy who didn’t make the cameo roll call is Kylo Ren; the filmmakers reportedly had to cut a joke at the expense of Adam Driver’s alter ego when Lucasfilm objected.

Ralph Breaks the Internet isin cinemas now.

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