Doctor Who getting longer episodes in Season 11

Ryan Leston
·UK Movies Writer

‘Doctor Who’ is about to regenerate…

And yes, we’re talking about the show itself.

According to The Mirror, the new Doctor (played by Jodie Whittaker) will bring some changes in Season 11… and that includes a whole new format as each episode gets a bit longer.

“The BBC1 series will run for 10 weeks rather than the usual 12 or 13,” they report. “But each programme will last a full hour instead of 45 minutes.”

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Essentially, this means ‘Doctor Who’ Season 11 is getting shorter…

But will feature longer episodes.

And that might be something the fans will get behind.

Sure, it means that each Season of ‘Doctor Who’ will lose two episodes. But the payoff means that each episode will be able to explore its storyline with a bit more depth – a change which could turn out to be a fan pleaser.

But that’s not the only change in store…

“Excitingly Chibnall – a lifelong Doctor Who fan – has also ordered a new-look police box, a redesigned TARDIS control room and an updated sonic screwdriver.”

Not exactly huge news.

After all, each new incarnation of the Doctor tends to get his own TARDIS and sonic screwdriver. But it’s something to look forward to, nonetheless.

“It is traditional for new showrunners to come in and shake things up to stamp their mark on the show and Chris is not doing things by halves,” said a BBC insider. “Expect something fresh and brilliant, with more of the stories travelling backwards in time, to interesting historical eras, as well as forwards.”

‘Doctor Who’ returns later this year for the Christmas Special.

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