'Doctor Who' splits viewers with historical plots

Demons of the Punjab (Credit: BBC)
Demons of the Punjab (Credit: BBC)

Doctor Who fans appear to be split on the new series’ use of historical backdrops in recent episodes of the long-running sci-fi show.

The third episode of the show, Rosa, looked at activist Rosa Parks’ pivotal role in the civil rights movement in 1950s Alabama.

Then last night’s show, Demons of the Punjab, found the Doctor and her team plunged into the turmoil of partition in India in 1947, after Mandip Gill’s Yaz asked her grandmother questions about her past.

Many have hailed the show for injecting the usual sci-fi with some solid historical context.

But others having objected to actual events being mixed in with their sci-fi.

But there are many, most saliently, who are quick to note that the show has ALWAYS done this… with the very first Doctor Who serial featuring backdrops like revolutionary France and the Aztec civilisation.

Not to mention every series since…

Ouch. Feel the burn…

Next week’s episode, Kerblam!, finds the Doctor and her pals heading to a ‘warehouse moon’ orbiting Kandoka, home to the galaxy’s largest retailer, after she receives a mysterious package.

It stars Lee Mack and Julie Hesmondhalgh.

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