Maggie Smith signs up for Downton Abbey movie

It’s fair to stay nobody expected a ‘Downton Abbey’ movie when the show first aired in 2010, but after six incredibly successful series one is sure to happen.

Creator Julian Fellows has stated his intention to make a film on numerous occasions, will the legendary Maggie Smith reprise her Emmy-award-winning role as Violet, Dowager Countess of Grantham?


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Smith is undoubtedly the most beloved character on the show, and Mail Online reports that she will indeed be returning for a big screen follow-up.

In an interview with Graham Norton last year however, she said: “I can’t – what age would she be? By the time we finished, she must have been about 110. It couldn’t go on and on, it just didn’t make sense.”

Michael Fox, who plays Andy Parker on the show, told Mail Online: “The film without her would still be good with all the other actors, but it puts a stamp of quality with her in it.”

At the same Bafta event, Fellows said: “I think it will be fun to get everyone together, and move it to a larger scale because you have got more money to spend.”

On ITV’s Good Morning Britain, Fellows followed up his statement by saying: “I would love to make it. As far as I am concerned, I am completely up for it. Most of the cast are up for it.”

It doesn’t appear like much can stop them.

The 52nd and final episode of 'Downton Abbey’ aired on Christmas Day 2015.

Picture Credits: ITV