Everything you need to know about a potential Love and Monsters 2

Love and Monsters 2 has yet to be confirmed, and we're starting to lose hope that it will actually happen (sorry).

The first movie was a surprise hit back in April 2021 when it landed on Netflix, following a VOD release in the US in October 2020. At the time, director Michael Matthews said there had been "some discussion" about a sequel as a result.

"I've got a few interesting ideas. But we did focus on this just being its own movie. It's not the approach of, 'How do we start a franchise?' It was really like, 'Let's make a cool movie! And then let's see what the response is'," he told Decider.

The response to the monsterpocalypse movie with Dylan O Brien and Jessica Henwick was great, but we've heard next-to-nothing about a follow-up despite the first movie leaving itself open for future adventures.

But while it hasn't been confirmed, it also hasn't been ruled out officially, so as we wait for any news, here's all you need to know about a potential Love and Monsters 2.

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Love and Monsters 2 potential release date: When will Love and Monsters 2 be released?

As mentioned above, Love and Monsters 2 has yet to be confirmed, so we don't have an official release date.

The first movie shot from March-May 2019 and was originally planned to be released in cinemas in March 2020. That was before *everything* happened and the movie eventually made its VOD debut in October 2020.

Should the sequel be confirmed this year, we could see it film in late 2023 or early 2024, and a similar timeframe for production could see it land in early 2025. But it would have to be confirmed first, so this is just (hopeful) speculation for now.

love and monsters, dylan o'brien

Love and Monsters ending explained: How does it set up Love and Monsters 2?

The monsterpocalypse happened seven years prior to the events of the film, when a meteor headed to Earth was stopped by the world's nations sending rockets up and exploding it. Unfortunately, the rockets' chemicals rained down on the planet and caused all cold-blooded animals to mutate into giant and vicious monsters.

Now, people live in hidden isolated, often underground, colonies. Most of the movie takes place in the 'present' and follows Joel (O'Brien) as he makes his way to the coast to find Aimee (Henwick).

Towards the beginning of his journey, he meets a dog named Boy, whose original owner presumably died – though Boy carries her red dress with him everywhere. Boy joins Joel, and the pair meet another duo: Clyde (Michael Rooker, Guardians of the Galaxy) and Minnow (Ariana Greenblatt) who are heading for safety in the mountains where the cold and height keep them safe from most of the monsters.

love and monsters, dylan o'brien, jessica henwick, michael rooker, netflix

Clyde and Minnow, having lost their son and father respectively, teach Joel important lessons on how to survive. Eventually, they part ways as Joel continues west with Boy – but a deadly encounter, in which Boy nearly gets them killed, leads Joel to shout at the dog, and Boy runs away. Joel, on the verge of death, is rescued by none other than Aimee.

Though she's excited to see him, she confesses that she didn't really expect him to come and much has changed in the intervening years, including the death of someone to whom she was very close. In a surprising move, Joel accepts this, even acknowledging how ridiculous it was of him to come all that way without telling her first.

Aimee introduces him to her colony, but Joel has his suspicions which are eventually proven true when a newly-arrived survivor named Cap (no, not that one) reveals he's come to steal their supplies and escape on a yacht being pulled by a giant crab monster controlled via an electrified lead. A fight ensues, and Boy makes a heroic return to help.

love and monsters, dylan o'brien, jessica henwick, michael rooker, netflix

Joel and Aimee win when Joel, looking into the monster's eyes, deems him friendly, and lets him go, causing the crab to go after Cap and his minions, before disappearing into the water. Joel returns to his colony and helps them make their way towards the mountains, while Aimee leads her colony of elderly survivors there too.

The film ends with – surprise! – Clyde and Minnow in the snow-covered mountains, listening to Joel's rallying cry across the radio, encouraging the disparate colonies to venture above ground and head to the mountains where they all may survive together. Clyde and Minnow speculate on whether Joel will survive the trek, and the movie ends.

So clearly, there is plenty of room for a sequel. Joel and his colony have a long way to go, as does Aimee and hers. Meanwhile, there are hosts of other colonies across the USA in need of safety and presumably other countries too, as the monsters can travel by sea.

Love and Monsters 2 cast: Who's coming back for Love and Monsters 2?

The big returns would be Dylan O'Brien as Joel and Jessica Henwick as Aimee, but the really key one would be the return of Boy, the dog.

Quite frankly, without Boy, we're not interested in a sequel.

Assuming it follows on directly from the first movie, we should also see Michael Rooker back as Clyde and Ariana Greenblatt as Minnow, as well as people from Joel's colony such as Senie Priti's Karen.

Love and Monsters 2 trailer: Any Love and Monsters 2 footage yet?

Since it hasn't been confirmed, it won't be a surprise to learn it hasn't started filming yet, so any new footage will be a while away yet. Sorry about that.

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