Early buzz emerges around Wonder Woman

Ben Arnold
Wonder Woman… early buzz is getting around – Credit: DC/Warner Bros

The new ‘Wonder Woman’ movie has been screened to a handful of folk in the US, and while it seems those folk may be sworn to secrecy in terms of social media, it appears that their mates are under no such obligation.

The screening happened on Sunday, with producer Zack Snyder and director Patty Jenkins in attendance.

And now buzz is starting to leak out slowly, and it doesn’t sound half bad thus far, despite early rumours that suggested the movie is ‘a mess’.

Not so, says this Twitter user:

This lot are also in agreement…

However, it’s not all rave reviews… others were a shade less impressed

Take from that lot what you will.

In addition to the early chatter around the movie, it’s thought that ‘Harry Potter’ star David Thewlis – yes, Remus Lupin himself – has been cast as the movie’s villain Ares, who’s portrayed in the movie using practical effects and CGI.

(Credit: DC/Warner Bros)

Starring Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, alongside Chris Pine, Lucy Davis, Connie Nielsen and Robin Wright, the movie hits screens in the UK on June 2.

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