Early reactions to 'Shazam' compare it to 'Big', 'Ghostbusters' and 'The Goonies'

Latest DC superhero flick set to open this April (credit: Warner Brothers)
Latest DC superhero flick set to open this April (credit: Warner Brothers)

While Marvel’s Captain Marvel is being compared to 2016’s Ghostbusters, DC’s Captain Marvel (the characters have the same name, it’s a whole thing), Shazam is being compared to the original Ghostbusters, as well as a whole bunch of your favourite films in a series of early reactions.

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Bloggers have seen the film early, and it’s almost exclusively good news.

Yeah, looks like there’s plenty to be excited about there. Lifting the review embargo almost a month before release is a pretty bold move on Warner Brothers’ part, especially as the WB marketing bods have done it during the opening weekend of the MCU’s Captain Marvel.

Perhaps they’ve got plenty of Shazam trailers running before Captain Marvel, and were so confident the reviews would be good, they wanted to give people something to Google.

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Or maybe they’ve read the writing on the wall, sniffed some blood in the water, and decided to kick Marvel when they’re down. Combined with their snaffling of James Gunn, could we finally be about to see the power dynamic between the MCU and the DCEU starting to shift?

One thing’s certain, following the success of Aquaman, and with the seemingly inevitable success of Shazam, the DCEU is in a far strong position than they were when they were CGI-ing Superman’s moustache away for Justice League. How they’ve managed to go from that, to this, is a pretty amazing story.

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Whatever the reason for the advance information drop, we couldn’t be more excited for Shazam, which flashes into UK cinemas on 5 April.