Edge Of Tomorrow Sequel In The Works With New Writers

Looks like the long-rumoured sequel to Tom Cruise’s sci-fi action movie ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ is getting off the ground, as a new screenwriting duo has been hired for the film.


Deadline report that Joe Shrapnel and Anna Waterhouse - up and coming writers behind ‘Race,’ and the upcoming ‘The Gray Man’ and ‘Circle of Treason’ - have been hired to script the follow-up for Cruise and returning director Doug Liman.

It is also reported that Christopher McQuarrie, writer of the first ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ and a frequent collaborator with Cruise (having directed ‘Jack Reacher’ and ‘Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation’) will produce, and have some input on the script.

The darkly humourous 2014 movie, based on a manga, cast Cruise as an inexperienced soldier in a near-future conflict with invading aliens, who is killed in action, but is caught in a time loop which sees him re-enact the same day over and over; basically a much more violent ‘Groundhog Day.’

Though only a moderate box office success, the film met a largely positive critical response and became something of a ‘sleeper’ hit.

Emily Blunt also starred, although there’s no mention yet as to whether she will also be back.

No release date for the as-yet untitled ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ has been announced.

Picture Credit: Warner Bros

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