Elizabeth Hurley’s son ‘persuaded her’ to star in his directorial debut

Elizabeth Hurley has told how her son Damian "persuaded her" to star in his directorial debut, Strictly Confidential.

The actress revealed she had to be convinced to appear in the thriller.

"He (Damian) wrote and directed it and persuaded me to be in it," Elizabeth, 58, told Joe Lycett.

"We produced it together in the Caribbean at the end of last year."

The movie, which sees Elizabeth appear in some lesbian sex scenes with co-star Pear Chiravara, 28, has some "serious sad underlined themes," she said.

She has previously said she had always promised Damian, 22, she would star in his first film.

"People have got their knickers in a twist about it a bit. But actually for us it wasn’t a big deal at all. It seemed like a very natural progression of the relationship we’d had. Being a single mother of a single child has meant by default that we have spent quite a great deal of time together, even though he was at boarding school for 10 years," she told The Telegraph.

Damian said of the racy scenes, "I hate to say that it felt totally normal. I don't know what that says about us. I was speaking to a lot of my friends who are also second generation of parents in the industry. They say exactly the same thing: that things to outsiders that may seem totally strange and extraordinary, for us we'll just have grown up with in everyday life."

He revealed how his mum taught him about sex when he was "ludicrously young," always telling him it is a "beautiful and natural" act, but that she banned him from watching violent films.