Ellen Barkin tweets #MeToo accusation about Terry Gilliam in response to his controversial Weinstein remarks

Hanna Flint
Ellen Barkin calls out Terry Gilliam for #MeToo comments

Ellen Barkin is known for speaking out and this time she’s taken aim at Terry Gilliam.

The Animal Kingdom star tweeted an accusation about the British director after he made controversial remarks about the people who had benefited from Harvey Weinstein’s sexual harassment.

Barkin, who worked with the director on Fear And Loathing in Las Vegas, in response tweeted: “My hard won advice: never get into an elevator alone with Terry Gilliam (sic).

“What is it you are defending when you attack a movement whose goal is to keep women safe?” she later tweeted after receiving backlash herself over the statement. “I’m assuming none of you are abusers, so what are you protecting? What will you lose if i am safe?”

She had previously tweeted:

Gilliam has felt the ire from Hollywood since making critical comments about the #MeToo movement at Time’s Up.

“Weinstein was exposed because he is an asshole and he made so many enemies,“ the 77-year-old told AFP. ”It is a world of victims. I think some people did very well out of meeting with Harvey and others didn’t. The ones who did knew what they were doing.

“These are adults, we are talking about adults with a lot of ambition.”

Ellen Barkin starred in Terry Gilliam’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

The director added: “Harvey opened the door for a few people, a night with Harvey – that’s the price you pay. Some people paid the price, other people suffered from it.”

Gilliam also defended his The Brothers Grimm star Matt Damon after he was called out for making repeatedly problematic comments about the men accused of sexual harassment.

“I feel sorry for someone like Matt Damon, who is a decent human being,” the director said. “He came out and said all men are not rapists, and he got beaten to death. The mob is out there, they are carrying their torches and they are going to burn down Frankenstein’s castle.”

Several other high profile people have spoken out against Gilliam’s comments including Judd Apatow, Sarah Silverman and Lexi Alexander.

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