Everybody Hates The New Ghostbusters Theme Tune

At least, on Twitter.

Officially released earlier today, the new ‘Ghostbusters’ theme riffs on the original by Ray Parker Jr… But with music by Fall Out Boy and vocals from Missy Elliot, it looks as though the new tune has been lambasted by fans and critics alike.

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Bustin’ may make you feel good, but what about this tune?

The official YouTube video currently stands at a whopping 10,950 dislikes… as opposed to 29,614 likes. And many fans have taken to Twitter to vent their outrage at the updated (and frankly, crucified) theme tune.

“Seriously, I’m willing to give the reboot a shot,” said writer Mark Cassidy. “But whoever thought it was a good idea to remix that song should be publicly flogged.”

And there are plenty who share that opinion.

“I mean, that new #Ghostbusters theme song…” said Mark E. Reilly. “Yikes. It was definitely something strange. And something weird. And don’t look good. GET IT?”

But some folks are quick to point out that the original theme wasn’t much better, either.

“Do I like the new Ghostbusters theme? Nah,” said Craig Mazin. “But let’s be real: the original song was a plagiarized pile of goof. So it’s hard to get judgy.”

Of course, the original theme tune – written and performed by Ray Parker Jr. – is often cited as a blatant rip-off of the Huey Lewis and the News hit, ‘I Want a New Drug’. And let’s be honest… there are some similarities.

But back to the new ��Ghostbusters’ theme – does it live up to the original?

It certainly takes the iconic tune to a grittier place… and with Fall Out Boy behind the music, that’s no big surprise. But it seems to lack the sheer joy of the original song, and instead takes a far more urban approach.

Will that fit the new movie?

Perhaps… but the music we’ve heard in the recent trailers is a much better fit.

‘Ghostbusters’ heads to cinemas on 11 July 2016.

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Picture Credit: Columbia Pictures

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