Expo Disney 2015 Round Up: Frozen 2, Incredibles 2 & Tangled Spin-Off


Expo Disney 2015 took place at the end of last month in Brazil, and there were some details revealed about the studio’s future output that includes ‘The Incredible 2′ and a ‘Tangled’ spin-off.

There was mention of several high-profile sequels like ‘Frozen 2′, as reported over at Film Divider, on the horizon from both Disney and Pixar studios, respectively. 

All of the below are planned to reach cinemas during the 2018-19 release period, alongside the likes of ‘Captain Marvel’ and ‘Black Panther’

Frozen 2

Disney’s inevitable follow-up to 2013′s record-breaking hit ‘Frozen’ has barely been discussed since it was confirmed, mainly because there’s barely anything to go on yet, but it looks like its now penned in for release around five years after the original.

The Incredibles 2

Likewise, ‘The Incredibles 2′, a sequel Brad Bird is attached to and likely to direct, will also hit cinemas during this period. While ‘Frozen 2′ is perhaps the biggest future release for a lot of Disney fans, another ‘Incredibles’ movie is a far more mouthwatering prospect.

Cars 3

‘Cars 3′ also featured in the release list, and while it’s regarded as one of Pixar’s most panned outings, the profits from both that and ‘Cars 2′ have exceeded $10 billion alone, so is a lucrative cash cow and funder of future projects, if nothing else.

This August’s D23 will likely offer some more info on each project where we might learn of each’s synopsis and possibly which voice talents are involved.


Tangled Spin-off

Some new information regarding a ‘Rapunzel’ TV show emerged. It’s set for a 2017 release in association with Disney Junior, although no concrete details were shared as to its content, we can assume it’ll be a continuation from the popular animated movie. And hopefully we’ll get to see some more of scene-stealer Pascal the chameleon, too.

New Short Films Collection

And if you can’t wait patiently for the aforementioned future features, there’s the chance to own some of Disney’s more recent short films – ones that’ve preceded films such as ‘Cinderella’s’ ‘Frozen Fever’, ‘Wreck-It Ralph’s’ ‘Paperman’ and ‘Big Hero 6′s’ ‘Feast’ – and should be with us some time in August.

Picture credit: Disney, Pixar, EPIC Disney Style

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