Fan theory insists Elvis Presley is in Home Alone

Gregory Wakeman
Macaulay Culkin smiling in Home Alone. Maybe because he knows Elvis is in it [Image via 20th Century Fox]

Christmas has always been the perfect time for miracles, and it looks as though we’ve been overlooking a rather big one for the past 26 years.

That’s because a fan theory has now emerged suggesting that Elvis Presley has a tiny cameo in the 1990 holiday classic ‘Home Alone’ during the scene where Catherine O’Hara’s Kate McCallister is trying to negotiate a plane ticket back to Chicago so she can reunite with her son.

You can get a glimpse of The King, who reportedly died on August 16, 1977, at the age of 42 but has supposedly been spotted several times since, in ‘Home Alone’ below. He’s the one hovering over Catherine O’Hara’s with a humungous beard. Allegedly. Or definitely. You decide.

Catherine O’Hara and maybe Elvis in Home Alone [Image via Warner Bros]

But why are people so convinced that director Chris Columbus cast Elvis Presley, who would have been 55 in 1990, in ‘Home Alone’?

Well a new investigation from Noisey points out that, to start with, ‘Home Alone’s’ extra, like Presley, has a big beard, rotund face, and alluring eyes, and bears a resemblance to Elvis in the 1969 film ‘Charro!’

But there’s more, because despite his brief appearance the extra actually cocks his head to the right in the scene, much like Elvis used to do when performing. You can check out a video that shows just how similar these movements are here.

Elvis Presley in Charro! [Image via Warner Bros]

Also, the extra wears a turtle neck, and Elvis wore long collars to hide his equally long neck, John Candy’s Gus Polinski refers to himself as “The Polka King of the Midwest” right in front of the extra as a little nod of the head to Presley, while earlier in ‘Home Alone’ Macaulay Culkin’s Kevin McCallister blatantly does an impression of Elvis when he’s singing White Christmas in the mirror, a song Elvis covered on 1957’s Elvis’ Christmas Album.

The Noisey article also points out that Chris Columbus’ previous film before ‘Home Alone’ was 1988’s ‘Heartbreak Hotel’, which revolves around a child and his pals trying to kidnap Elvis Presley so that he can shack up with his mom. I know, very, very weird.

They speculate that Elvis Presley came out of hiding to call Columbus and tell him he liked ‘Heartbreak Hotel’, before then asking for a role in his next movie, which just so happened to be ‘Home Alone’.

Macaulay Culkin singing in Home Alone [Image via 20th Century Fox]

Chris Columbus actually addresses this speculation in the director’s commentary for ‘Home Alone’, telling Macaulay Culkin, “They are convinced, these people, that this is Elvis Presley. That he’s faked his death, and because he still loves show business, he’s an extra in ‘Home Alone’.”

This provoked Culkin to laugh at the mere suggestion, and then add, “Oh my God. Look at this guy. He’s not Elvis Presley!”

In any other year I’d believe you Macaulay, but the revelation that Elvis Presley is actually alive, well, and has been working as an extra in Hollywood for the last 25 years would actually just be par for the course in 2016.

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