Rogue One composer Michael Giacchino reveals puntastic titles for Star Wars score

Felicity Jones in Star Wars: Rogue One - Credit: Lucasfilm
Felicity Jones in Star Wars: Rogue One – Credit: Lucasfilm

Over the years Michael Giacchino has built a reputation for two things: fantastic, Oscar-winning film scores, and giving the individual tracks of those scores puntastic names.

His score for ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ bucks this trend, but in the sleeve notes for the CD version of the soundtrack the composer has offered his alternative titles to please his fans.

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Spotted by a Reddit user who posted proof to image-sharing site Imgur, Giacchino says in the sleeve notes: “For those of you who are used to the more ‘pun-filled’ tales my team and I usually provide – never fear – here’s our alt list for your enjoyment.”

That list is…

1. A Krennic Condition
2. Jyn And Scare It
3. Jyncarcerated
4. Going To See Saw
5. That New Death Star Smell
6. Jedha Call Saw
7. When Ambush Comes To Shove
8. Erso Facto
9. Go Do, That Eadu, That You Do, So Well
10. Have A Choke And A Smile
11. Erso In Vain
12. Takes One To Rogue One
13. World’s Worst Vacation Destination
14. Scarif Tactics
15. Bazed And Confused
16. Switch Hunt
17. Transmission Impossible
18. Live And Let Jedi

The 'Rogue One' soundtrack's sleeve notes. (Credit: Walt Disney Records)
The ‘Rogue One’ soundtrack’s sleeve notes. (Credit: Walt Disney Records)

The original track list is at the foot of the article. While we understand ‘Jedha Call Saw’ isn’t something Disney were likely to give the go-ahead, it’s certainly better than ‘Jedha Arrival’. Our favourite though, has to be ‘Take One To Rogue One’.

Giacchino’s previous pun-based gems include tracks ‘Monkey See, Monkey Coup’ from the ‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’ soundtrack and ‘Enterprising Young Men’ from 2009’s ‘Star Trek’. His score for ‘Jurassic World’ last year included ‘Growl And Make Up’ and ‘Love In The Time Of Pterosauria’.

The Oscar-winner, who won for 2009 Pixar classic ‘Up’ only had only four weeks to compose the first ‘Star Wars’ soundtrack not to be written by the legendary John Williams. He was hired following the departure of Alexandre Desplat for reasons that are still unclear.

Here is the official track list for the ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ soundtrack.

1. He’s Here For Us
2. A Long Ride Ahead
3. Wobani Imperial Labor Camp
4. Trust Goes Both Ways
5. When Has Become Now
6. Jedha Arrival
7. Jedha City Ambush
8. Star-Dust
9. Confrontation On Eadu
10. Krennic’s Aspirations
11. Rebellions Are Built On Hope
12. Rogue One
13. Cargo Shuttle SW-0608
14. Scrambling The Rebel Fleet
15. AT-ACT Assault
16. The Master Switch
17. Your Father Would Be Proud
18. Hope