Fans concerned after Danny DeVito's frightening fall

Danny DeVito had to be helped by aides after taking a tumble while attempting to climb stairs. Picture: Getty Images

Actor Danny DeVito has taken a tumble while climbing stairs at a press conference, leaving fans worried for his wellbeing.

The 74-year-old Matilda star was attempting to walk on stage while promoting Disney’s new Dumbo movie in Mexico City when he tripped and took the frightening fall.

Danny’s hands were forced to take much of the impact before he landed in a painful-looking position on his chest in front of a packed room of reporters.

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Luckily, aides were quick to rush to the veteran actor’s side and managed to hoist him swiftly back on his feet.

The Oscar-nominee famously stands at just 147cm tall and suffers from Fairbank’s disease, which affects bone growth and is responsible for his short stature.  

Danny DeVito took the nasty tumble after arriving at the press conference in Mexico City. Picture: Getty Images
Luckily, the star was quickly aided by onlookers who hoisted him back to his feet. Photo: Getty Images

But Danny was quick to insist he was mostly uninjured after the fall and bravely continued on with his promotional duties.

Fans took to the internet to express concern for the popular star, with some saying he should have had assistance while climbing onto the stage.

“He should have never tackled stairs without assistance,” one concerned viewer wrote, adding: “If there is no railing, then a strong person should have been on his arm.”

Others sent their well wishes and were thankful the star’s short stature meant he didn’t have far to fall.

Reporting by Holly Hales, Yahoo Lifestyle AU