Fans are finding Henry Cavill's moustache removal in Justice League hilarious

Poor Justice League. Not only might it lose as much as $100 million at the box office, now people are openly laughing at it.

The cause of the mirth? The removal of Henry Cavill’s moustache.

As you may recall, it emerged earlier this year that the British actor’s facial furniture caused some not inconsiderable headaches for the special effects crew on the DC movie.

It was all down to reshoots, which commenced when Joss Whedon took over the directing of the movie from Zack Snyder, and cost Warner Bros a reported $25 million.

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By this time, however, Cavill was already sporting the moustache he was required to grow for his role in his next project, Mission: Impossible 6.

So it meant that when called back to the set of Justice League, certain scenes saw him undergo some digital depilation.

But, as if the movie needed further unwanted derision, the results are now being widely mocked online.

To be fair, it does look a bit weird.

Cavill remarked upon the tache controversy at the time.

Justice League is out now across the UK.

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