Fans want 'Daredevil' relaunched after rights return to Marvel Studios

Daredevil (Credit: Netflix/Marvel Television)
Daredevil (Credit: Netflix/Marvel Television)

Ownership of Daredevil has now returned to Marvel Studios, and fans of the axed Netflix series are now starting to mobilise.

Director Drew Goddard booted up the blind lawyer turned vigilante from the Marvel stable via Marvel Television and ABC Studios for Netflix in 2015, a mish-mash of intellectual property deals adjacent to those the comic book giant had with Disney and Fox for the big screen.

The result saw Charlie Cox playing Matt Murdock, aka Daredevil, over three seasons and 39 episodes.

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It even saw a spin-off series launched for Walking Dead star Jon Berthal's Frank Castle, aka The Punisher, which aired in 2017.

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Sadly, however, plans for a fourth season of Daredevil were axed, and its cancellation was announced in November, 2018, though Netflix said that the character would 'live on in future projects for Marvel'.

Krysten RItter in Jessica Jones (Credit: Netflix/Marvel Television)
Krysten RItter in Jessica Jones (Credit: Netflix/Marvel Television)

Two years have now passed since the cancellation, meaning that the ball is back in Marvel and Disney's court.

The hashtag #SaveDaredevil is trending, with fans hoping to bring it to the attention of Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige.

One such message over the weekend has garnered thousands of likes and retweets.

“Filled with Emmy worthy performances, beautiful cinematography, and just kick ass stuntwork. It deserves another shot,” said Marvel fan Lunter, a twitter user with less than 200 followers.

Clark Gregg, better known as Agent Phil Coulson from the Marvel universe, even jumped on board.

Netflix's Daredevil was among a rash of lesser-known Marvel properties to make it onto the streaming platform.

It was quickly followed by Jessica Jones, starring Breaking Bad alum Krysten Ritter, Luke Cage starring Mike Colter, and Iron Fist, starring Finn Jones.

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A series featuring all of them, The Defenders, even emerged in 2017.

But all befell the same fate as Daredevil, with Luke Cage and Iron Fist being cancelled in 2018, and finally Jessica Jones and The Punisher too in 2019.

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