Fantastic Beasts 3 'will put Hogwarts and Dumbledore centre-stage'

Jude Law as Albus Dumbledore (Credit: Warner Bros)
Jude Law as Albus Dumbledore (Warner Bros)

With news that Fantastic Beasts 3 will start filming in the spring, news is emerging around what might be in store in the Wizarding World spinoff.

According to reports from Variety, the movie will be heading back to a location much beloved by fans of the Harry Potter series.

The industry bible says the third film in the series is “expected to put more of a spotlight on Jude Law’s young Albus Dumbledore and set more action at Hogwarts”.

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The action will be set in the 1930s, with the heroes reportedly travelling to Rio de Janeiro and Berlin.

It follows news that writer Steve Kloves is now on board with Potter author JK Rowling for the script. Kloves adapted seven of the eight Harry Potter movies for the big screen.

Fantastic Beasts (Warner Bros)
Fantastic Beasts (Warner Bros)

Rowling, an author rather than a screenwriter, penned both the previous Fantastic Beasts movies – Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them and Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald – herself.

And while the first made more than $800 million (around £621 million) worldwide, the second, while hardly a flop, dropped significantly to $650 million (just over £500 million), causing “franchise fatigue” concerns for the Warner Bros studio.

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Critics were far less enamoured with the second movie, and it was mired with controversy over its casting of Johnny Depp as the movie's villain.

At the time, Depp was at the centre of domestic abuse allegations from his ex-wife Amber Heard, allegations he has long denied.

Variety also reported that Warner Bros intends to “make good” on its plan to release five movies in the series, though if the third movie fails to take off, that could still be open to discussion.

Fantastic Beasts 3 is due to be released in November 2021.